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The dough for this recipe is ridiculously easy to make with only a minute or two of kneading. The bread is soft and pliable so it's perfect for using as a wrap, stuffed with whatever takes your fancy.

It's also a great make ahead recipe - the dough keeps for around 3 days.

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We understand that sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day to do a full workout or go to the gym. So, we brought you 49 day weightloss challenge exercises that you can do in just ten minutes, these exercises will make you feel better during the day and will get you in shape in a short period of time.

It is an ancient knowledge passed down through generations of practitioners. It can also be attributed as the art of living a life in harmony with the laws of nature.

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Ayurveda is concerned from the moment a person is born until the time of his death. What Is Ayurveda?

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All You Need To Know To the adult reading this text, yes, the practice of Ayurveda starts from the minute one opens his eyes in the morning, to… Ayurveda Fall Cleanse Easy kitchari recipe for an Ayurvedic fall cleanse. In Ayurveda every part of the body is examined to see signs of excess or deficient dosha, dhatu or mala.

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The fingernails mirror the rest of the body and provide vital information on the over all health of the body and show certain disorders as well. This beautiful poster shows 36 examples of different fingernails and the disorders that they reflect as well as which organs and dhatus relate to each finger.

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Along… About Kapha Learn about the qualities of kapha, one of the three ayurvedic doshas.